Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quiz #3

Who is your favorite member of the Order of the Phoenix?
Favorite person at Hogwarts?
Favorite spell or charm to use?
Best and worst classes at Hogwarts?
Best would be Defense Agains the Dark Arts. Worst would be Herbology.
Favorite flower?
What is your beverage of choice? Coffee, tea, latte, soda/pop?
All of the above.
Favorite muggle music?
Linkin Park
How many family members do you have?
What do you do on your summer vacation? What is your Favorite vacation ever taken?
Not much. Sometimes we visit my dad. He lives at the beach. That's always good. Lol. Our best ever vacation was our honeymoon. We went to Sandals Resorts in St. Lucia. It was fantastic!!!
What is your favorite subject at Hogwarts? Why?
Defense Against the Dark Arts. Kicking butt is fun!
How many pairs of shoes (footwear) do you have? Which are your favorite pair?
I don't know. Maybe 6. My fave pair is a pair of sneaks with skulls and hearts on them.
How many projects do you have OTN (on the needles)?
Only one right now.
What is the oldest project you're working on and when did you cast it on?
The socks I'm currently making. I cast them on yesterday. I'm almost done but they are only toddler socks. Lol.
Favorite food(s)?
Pretty much anything.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Quidditch Round 2

1. At the beginning of the year feast, who is the only person who rudely interrupts Dumbledore during his speech?
b. Professor Umbridge
2. Off what street is the alley where Harry first met Sirius?
c. Magnolia Crescent
3. Tonks’ mother had two sisters, both pure-bloods, and both left on the Black Family Tree. What are their names?
c. Narcissa and Bellatrix
4. What spell are the students studying in McGonalgall’s class when Umbrdige is doing her inspection?
d. The Vanishing Spell
5. Who comes to warn Harry and the rest of Dumbledore’s Army that Umbridge and her group of followers are coming to break up their meeting?
Answer: Dobby
6. Who are the members of the Order that met Harry Potter in the Dursely’s house during the summer before his fifth year?
c. Alastor Moody, Nymphadora Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Elphias Doge, Dedalus Diggle, Remus Lupin, Emmeline Vance, Sturgis Podmore, Hestia Jones
7. Moody used the Disillusionment Charm on Harry.
a. Yes
8. Which of these Death Eaters is Sirius related to?
d. All of these
9. At what age did Sirius leave his home?
Answer: 16
10. How many of the original Order members were killed (don’t include those who disappeared)?
b. 8

Friday, June 13, 2008


Holy yarn it's been a busy week. I can't believe how much homework we have been having. It's really putting a dent in my knitting time.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quiz #2

1. onihexp - phoenix
2. nro - ron
3. mayr - army
4. seelway - weasley
5. hrigda - hagrid
6. ifdynrrgof - gryffindor
7. dawn - wand
8. oshawrgt - hogwarts
9. busnim - nimbus
10. bdulodeerm - dumbledore
11. bydob - dobby
12. bugmrdie - umbridge
13. emionehr - hermione
14. rhayr - harry
15. arkreech - kreacher
16. riissu - sirius
17. dootvlemr - voldemort
18. ptrote - potter
19. hwgedi - hedwig
20. ebtahlkclso - shacklebolt

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Socks for My Dueling Partner

Here's a photo of the socks I made for Minee. Good luck to all the duelers moving on to the next round.

Death by Chocolate...and Sock

I received my death sock in the mail yesterday along with some delicious chocolate. Thank you Minee for the gorgeous socks and the tasty treat. Here's a pic of my wonderful new socks: